Why would someone who believes that there is a deadly, airborne, highly contagious virus do this?

Why Trump Risks The Lives Of His Supporters At Rallies

NOTE: This explains what has not been explained so far. After all the excuses as to why he lied and played down COVID (stock market and panic concerns), one thing has not been explained:

Understanding the Significance of Woodward’s Book

Up until the Woodward’s revelations last week, I had pretty much thought that Trump did not know or care what the truth was when it came to the virus. The explanation that I will provide to you soon would still hold.

Understanding Trump and People Like Him

To explain Trump and people like them, I explain human psychology a certain way:

Understanding Trump’s COVID Approach & Rallies

This is where things get dark(er).

The Ultimate Demonstration of Power Over Others

I mentioned that this was close to the ultimate demonstration of power but there is one more that is higher and it is quite frankly terrifying to consider in the context of his current rhetoric and his role as commander and chief.

I work to understand and explain the world in a very simple way. I have written Mind, Media and Madness, Embrace Life/Embrace Change (by Lisa Snow)

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