What if Trump was God-sent?

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7 min readJan 28, 2024


Before you dismiss this as I did, bear with me.

Let’s do a thought experiment and play out the possibility that Trump was sent by God — not to save us as some like Pat Robertson have said — but sent by God as a test of His followers to see who the true Christians were and to possibly push other Christians to rise and speak up against the charlatans that claim to speak for all Christians when they openly and actively defy the principle teachings of Jesus to push their other agenda onto everyone else.

There would be two parts to this:

  1. The person sent.
  2. Warning signs as punishment.

The Person Sent:

There are two ways this could be done:

  1. Send someone who is the living embodiment of your message. This could arguably have been done in the form of saints and others who have served others well in the name of Christ so this would not be too effective. The people who have been deceived or who are deceiving have already largely dismissed them or recognized them in passing. In short, this would not be an effective way to efficiently sort the wheat from the chaff.
  2. Send someone who is a charlatan. An obvious fake in every way shape and form. If the self-proclaimed believers and followers of Christ fell for someone who was clearly the antithesis of everything that Christ represented, then the chaff could easily be identified. While some Christians may have fallen away here and there, this person would make the division obvious for all to see and know. Additionally, it would force others who are followers and are living the principles of Christ to speak up and confront them.

Enter Trump.

An older man who has had many opportunities to repent and change and who has passed on them all.

A person who was the living embodiment of the seven deadly sins — pride, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, and wrath.

A person who openly and gleefully demonstrated each of these sins repeatedly throughout his entire life.

A person who did not attend mass regularly, who did not claim to be saved (and who has demonstrated no significant changes if he has), who admitted he had not asked for forgiveness, who could not say 2 Corinthians correctly, and who on top of all the other behaviors did this: had a crowd cleared on short notice with force, so he could walk to a church he never attended while at the WH, to hold up a Bible using it as a prop. Nothing inspirational. Nothing of substance. Just an appearance with the Bible as a prop. He would let others fill in what he left out.

Backing up a bit, he was born into wealth and privilege. He had opportunities to help others in the community.

And, yet, he did little to nothing.

His foundation seemed to be a grift on further examination and was shut down.

He was born rich in NYC and, yet, he convinced largely rural Americans that he cared about them and wanted to “make America great again” while he never seemed to stand up for them and worked to make sure that jobs stayed here when he was deciding where to have his products manufactured. Neither did his daughter. Or any of them.

The con was obvious.

From the fake tan to the gold-painted toilets, it was all just a show. But none of it was done so well that the con was not obvious.

He was married three times and openly cheated on two of his three wives with no consideration. He had kids with each wife. He cheated on the third. He tried to hide it — not because he thought it was wrong — but to hide it until after the election. Money was paid to keep it quiet — but even then he was looking for a way to avoid paying so it would come out after the election. Again, no morality considerations.

This does not even get into his treatment of immigrants. (More than one President has failed here but Trump was particularly bad in that he vilified them.)

There is so much when it comes to the con but from a Christian standpoint, Trump was the antithesis of everything that they should stand for.

As we saw, however, “Christians” fell for Trump.

They dismissed his obvious failings by saying that God works through imperfect people or by pointing out that “everyone is a sinner”.

So 2020 rolls around. They have a choice. Biden a devoted Catholic who has faithfully attended church throughout his life.

And they still did not budge or hesitate so let’s bring on the signs.

The Signs:

I admittedly am not a person who believes in “signs” like this but this is God to His followers. His followers look for signs so this would be an entirely appropriate thing to consider.

They have used events to show that the people who have suffered are doing so because it is God’s wrath for their sins. After hearing this from them over the years (indeed decades), I started paying more and more attention to when they would use it and when they didn’t.

It seemed like in 2020, God was screaming at them to pay attention.

2020 was a year of super extreme events to the point where even a non-believer in signs would have to question their beliefs. While some events happen every year, 2020 was a record-breaker to the extreme.

A summary:

  1. The plague, as Trump himself called it. It gave people an opportunity to see how much they were willing to sacrifice to keep themselves and others safer. Oddly enough, in the most religious parts of the country, the resistance was highest. Wearing a simple mask was too much.
  2. Derechos. Not only was a much larger number than normal, the most costly one in history hit the Midwest in August 2020. Most, if not all of them, hit “Trump Country”.
  3. Hurricanes. 2020 was a record-breaking year for Hurricanes with two hurricanes hitting the southeast at nearly the same time.
  4. The GOP Convention and Hurricanes. Hurricanes hitting the US is not necessarily unusual but two hurricanes hitting at nearly the same time and place is — and it happened during the GOP Convention. Marco hit at the beginning and Laura hit near the end — both hit the Mississippi and Alabama areas that is — yes — very much Trump country. Laura nearly disrupted Trump’s acceptance speech. If this was a liberal, the God folks would have been praising God and telling us this was a sign — that God was trying to stop whoever their liberal enemy was from accepting the nomination. Instead, we got nothing but silence.
  5. Massive fires through Northern California. Fires in Northern California in August are not unusual — particularly in August. But what set it off was something highly unusual and rare to that area — dry lightning and a lot of it. Over 12,000 lightning strikes hit Northern California in a period of 3 to 4 days. This set off hundreds of small fires that grew and grew into larger fires which were named Complexes when they merged. While California is often considered Democratic — many parts of California are very Republican. These fires largely impacted and destroyed the more red areas of the state. This sequence of events made 2020 the worst fire season in California history by far.
  6. SC Nominee Announcement, Trump, and Covid: For those who are still skeptical, there is one more and this is a doozy —this might give non-believers a reason to pause. First some background. In 2016, Mitch McConnell denied Obama the opportunity to put a candidate up for vote 6 months before an election because he said it was too close to the election and people should decide. This was an unprecedented move but it worked. Trump won and they appointed a right-leaning SC Justice. When Ruth Bader-Ginsburg suddenly died in September 2020, it seemed that the rule should apply since the election was less than two months away which did not leave much time to vet and approve a nominee but it did not matter. Trump and McConnell were determined to push another “pro-life” justice through to the SC court. Second, some more background. Trump, through much of the COVID pandemic, had largely flaunted the recommendations — refusing to wear masks and he even held indoor rallies — one of which may have resulted in the death of Herman Cain who attended, contracted COVID and died. Through all of it though, Trump managed to avoid contracting it. Until….the nomination announcement of Amy Coney Barrett to the SC at the White House turned into a super spreader event. The push to get her nominated and confirmed was an effort to secure another “pro-life” justice. It is odd that Trump finally contracted COVID at this exact ceremony after acting defiantly for months — and they even took some precautions to test.

So, to those who want to use signs to show disasters or events are signs from God, I would suggest that you show them this list. If this is the case, it seems that there was a huge statement being made throughout 2020.

To those who suggest that Trump was God-sent, I suggest that you show them this also because if he was sent by God, it was as a test — a simple test that seemed so easy that failure would be impossible — and, yet, here we are and here they are. Failing. Failing badly. Failing ugly.



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