Was Trump A Dictator-in-the Making

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4 min readJan 28, 2021


Was Trump trying to overthrow the government and become a dictator?

Evidence 1:

Undermining elections and attempting to pressure people into changing the results.

First, not all democracies are democratic so the mere act of voting does not qualify it as a democracy.

Second, the integrity of elections, freedom of participation, and accuracy in counting is important and Trump’s efforts to undermine the elections and to influence GOP officials to change the vote in his favor are the actions of a Dictator regardless of his level of success. He felt that they should because he helped them personally and therefore he felt that they should reciprocate by illegally changing the votes of their states or by ruling in his favor. (Reference the Georgia phone call as one example.)

He also worked to erode the credibility by saying BEFORE the election. I won or they cheated. This is not the mind of a person that respects the lawful vote and will of the people.

If he truly thought that there was wrongdoing, he would have focused on the courts and not used inflammatory rhetoric — like the election is being stolen.

This guy on December 1st pointed out how bad it had gotten with death threats and violence and asked the President to stop. He said people would be hurt. This was December 1st. And did Trump tone it down? No, he did not. And this gentleman did not know what would happen next but he pleaded with the President because he knew that the President was a source and could settle things down if he had toned down his rhetoric.

And Trump did not. He wanted to push and push and push. And he did.


Evidence 2:

The use of lies. This is a more general case but the Big Lie above was supported by the little lies earlier.

I wrote about this about a year ago. While people will say “all politicians lie”, what Trump was doing was different. He lied about the big and the small, the not so obvious and the obvious and there was a reason.

These lies were not meant to be deceptive but coercive. They were loyalty tests that he used to penetrate and weaken the larger system — as well as those who stayed in it.

Here are the articles I published then. They are just as relevant.

This is why they are used:


This is how they capture the system and eventually destroy it:


There is a reason why leadership lies like this should not be accepted by anyone at any time. Again, we don’t even have a word for this type of lying — lies like this are less malevolent and malignant. They are not the typical exaggeration or white lie.

The people who use these types of lies are looking to amass power for themselves ONLY. This is also why these two-bit dictators always seemed so ridiculous to outside observers — until he was our two-bit dictator.

Evidence 3:

This sort of kneeling at the knee is not something you normally see in government — because people are there to serve the people, not the President. But with Trump, they were clearly there all to serve him. This sort of gushing is the type of stuff that I had seen only with dictators or similar assholes whose ego needed to be stroked so badly that they had to have public events like this.

This video starting at 11:53:


Evidence 4:

The GOP largely has abandoned a platform in 2020 and deferred to Trump. They have continued to defer to him — and — it is not uncommon for dictators to have enablers like this in government. It does not make them any less dictator because the people relent for fear of consequences.

Evidence 5:

Because based on this video before the event, it does not look like they are expecting to be declared the loser once and for all. I have never seen another President who lost the election do something like this the day the loss was going to be final once and for all:


Reference Trump targetting Pence so people were looking for Pence at the Capital. It is not about the party is it about allegiance to him. Note also he did not call Pence or actively work to make sure he was ok that day.

What he did not do that day that a “normal” person would is just as important as what he did do.

I should remind you too that the presidential line of succession was:

Speaker of the House
President Pro Tempore of the Senate

And then it goes to his cabinet.

He could have taken the next three people in the line of succession out on January 6th — and the next would be his cabinet and we all know how that would go.

If I had time, I would love to put together a video of his comments AND the comments from right-wing media leading up to this (because we need to have a look at this too).

But it does seem that Trump in temperament and even actions were trying to become a dictator.

We will have to wait to see who was involved in the planning of the events and the money…



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