The US Supreme Court: The Fix is In. Now what?

The Justices:


What to do?

  1. A GOP justice steps down allowing Biden to fill it. The justice would have to do it out of a sense of equity and fairness and can not be forced. And frankly, the partisan nature of these judges leads to believe that ice is more likely to survive in hell than this is to happen.
  2. There has also been discussion about adding justices. To avoid gridlock, it would have to be done in 2’s. If two more were added, the court would be 11 members. It is now 6 to 3. Adding two more members would make it 6 to 5 — which does seem closer to where it should be — under the most forgiving of circumstances. It is a slight conservative advantage. Doing this would likely come at a heavy cost to the left because no one would be satisfied but it seems like it would be the fairest — and hopefully, a few fair-minded Republicans would see their way to support it. Adding more could invoke more outrage on the right although it would satisfy those on the left. The left should consider adding more but discuss the possibility of just adding two with members of the GOP who may be open to listening and who wish to avoid a bigger fight — after all the Supreme Court would still tilt to the right.
  3. And then, there should be some rules established around nominating a Supreme Court Justice when it comes to timing so that never again can the leader of the majority party hold up a nominee and do the things the McConnell did to undermine the fairness of the process and the integrity of the Senate and Supreme Court. The bill should be called the McConnell Bill in memory of him and the fact that he and he alone made these changes necessary. That these actions needed to be taken are a black mark in the history of the country but these actions are not themselves the black mark — McConnell did that. They are an effort to rectify and injustice that he and he alone created.



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Lisa Thinks…

Lisa Thinks…

I work to understand and explain the world in a very simple way. I have written Mind, Media and Madness, Embrace Life/Embrace Change (by Lisa Snow)