Pence is No Hero

Lisa Thinks…
1 min readJun 17, 2022

Many people are giving Pence credit for his actions on 1/6 with some even calling his actions heroic.

While I am glad that he did the right thing, I struggled to reconcile his actions on 1/6 with his complicity and enabling of Trump for the previous 5 years, his silence leading up to 1/6, and his silence after.

If he truly understood what Trump was trying to do was wrong and if he felt morally compelled to do the right thing, wouldn’t he want everyone to know and wouldn’t he want to explain? If he was truly driven by morals, would he stand up and speak out now about the big lie at least?

But he did not and has not.

And that is because Pence’s actions on 1/6 were likely not driven by morals or laws. They were driven by his raw quest for power. He has huge Presidential ambitions and, if he did what Trump was pushing him to do, he knew he would never be President because Trump would pass the baton to his kids.

Pence’s actions make sense only if you attribute them to the same greed and craven quest for power at all costs that has consumed the GOP and that threatens this country.

He is no hero. In his silence, he betrayed this country time and time again.

That he did the right thing on 1/6 seems to have more to do with his personal ambitions than any sense of patriotism and country.



Lisa Thinks…

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