Nancy Pelosi: Trump’s Secret Weapon?

  1. Understanding that she needs to educate people to pressure the GOP and move the needle, she needs to pick a singular point of focus and push everything to the back. I would suggest the Mueller’s case for obstruction. He has largely investigated much of it. This is actually relatively simple. It does not involved complicated tax laws. It is simple. Additionally, history is on her side. This was part of both Clinton’s and Nixon’s impeachment.
  2. Then she needs to put together a multi-pronged strategy to educate and influence. There needs to be hearings and they need to demonstrate their determination and strength in how they compel people to testify.
  3. She needs to work with others to stay on message and on point. They can not get distracted or distract. This will require her pushing discipline. (Not easy for the left but she needs to do it.)
  4. She also needs to work with others to educate people using other means. Other organization can product videos that explain what his happening.
  1. People who want change but may not be happy with the change Trump has brought. Pelosi is not giving them anything else to grasp on to. What does she (and the Dems in the House) stand for? She is not clear. The GOP, however, will exploit this and define them in unfavorable terms.
  2. People who respect leadership and strength. They may not like how Trump is doing it but they fear appearing weak to others. It goes back to not taking a stand — to not having a message — to waffling. There is something about authenticity that is appealing — even you don’t don’t agree.
  3. People do are sick of party over country/principle. The previous two play into the perception that she is putting party over country/principle. Their view is that they have to choose between two very unprincipled groups. One is doing wrong but the other won’t do anything about it — making them accomplices and, even worse, they have abandoned their constitutional responsibility.



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Lisa Thinks…

Lisa Thinks…


I work to understand and explain the world in a very simple way. I have written Mind, Media and Madness, Embrace Life/Embrace Change (by Lisa Snow)