Peeragogy is a term that is being used to describe peer-to-peer learning. It is a puzzling and rather cryptic word for something we do a lot of more or less successfully. It stems from the word pedagogy which is defined on as:

1. the function or work of a teacher; teaching.

2. the art or science of teaching; education; instructional methods.

And this has largely been a teacher-centric world in which teachers explain how to do things, students listen, and then demonstrate their understanding of what was taught. Historically, it is a hierarchy with structure and clear roles. This…

The current Supreme Court consists of 9 members.

Trump’s appointments now make up 33% of the court.

ALL of these appointments happened under suspicious circumstances that will be outlined below.

It is also important to remember that, while Trump won the electoral vote, he only received only 46% of the popular vote which was hardly a mandate, and SC Justices were all confirmed by Senators representing less than half this country (about 46% of the population). While all this is legit and Constitutional, there are some extra-Constitutional circumstances surrounding each one.

The Justices:

Neil Gorsuch replaced Scalia. Scalia passed away suddenly on…

Want police change? Propose that every policing killing be investigated as a civil rights violation and remove the investigation from local control and prosecutors who often have conflicts of interest.

And doing this would actually be more legitimate than our current system where they are not automatically handled this way.


Look at the Bill of Rights and the denial of these rights when police kill someone.

6th Amendment:

“The Sixth Amendment provides additional protections to people accused of crimes, such as the right to a speedy and public trial, trial by an impartial jury in criminal cases, and to…

Was Trump trying to overthrow the government and become a dictator?

Evidence 1:

Undermining elections and attempting to pressure people into changing the results.

First, not all democracies are democratic so the mere act of voting does not qualify it as a democracy.

Second, the integrity of elections, freedom of participation, and accuracy in counting is important and Trump’s efforts to undermine the elections and to influence GOP officials to change the vote in his favor are the actions of a Dictator regardless of his level of success. He felt that they should because he helped them personally and therefore…

As Trump and others attempt to chip away at our democracy, we collectively seem to be holding our breath and watching but even the strongest pillars will give way under relentless attacks.

This is ridiculous. There are some common-sense actions that can be taken to protect the Constitution.

And action must be taken to protect our government against the relentless assault of unfound, unproven claims. Here are some ideas:

States need to announce that ANY PERSON and ALL PEOPLE regardless of position and status who have or who work to undermine the electoral process in their state will be prosecuted…

Why would someone who believes that there is a deadly, airborne, highly contagious virus do this?

NOTE: This explains what has not been explained so far. After all the excuses as to why he lied and played down COVID (stock market and panic concerns), one thing has not been explained:

Why Trump is still having rallies and not encouraging the use of masks at events even today?

Woodward’s book caused me to rethink and now I have an answer. The answer is as dark as it is disturbing.

I need to begin by stating that I am not a psychologist but I have been around people like Trump. I have been forced to work with them…

To be clear, this is tragic. I hope that the officers survive and fully recover.

I am providing some background and context to people who may not have some details of the events surrounding the shooting. And no this is not an attempt to justify the actions. It is to suggest that the incident did not happen in a vacuum which may also help people understand why protesters went to the hospital that was trying to help the officers.

All of this can seem completely appalling to outsiders. Random violence like this can be terrifying but it is important to…

This is how it could happen. For real.

People have been speculating that Trump will just walk away.

He won’t for the reasons most people state.

First, it would be a huge blow to his ego which alone makes it unlikely, but add that to the fact that he has likely state charges waiting for him on the other side of the presidency (referencing him as Individual 1) and unlikely becomes impossible.

There was a way in which he could have earlier in his presidency before the legal issues came up and we hit this multi-faceted crisis. …

As kids, many people may have heard adults tell a crying kid “if you don’t shut up, I will give you something to cry about.”

Well, it seems like we are living that experience but the coronavirus is the parent and the child is the American people.

Without going through the missteps and mistakes, there was a time back in March, April, and May where patience would have paid off but, alas, there was not enough cumulative patience. Encouraged by hosts at Fox News and OAN, there was a consistent chorus of voices telling their viewers that the restrictions and…

Over the years, I have found one thing. When someone appears to keep doing something crazy and they keep doing it even when it looks like it is not working, it IS working for them. They may say they have the same goals but in the end, when their real goals were finally revealed and when I stood back and looked at their behavior, the consistency of it and the steadfast of it, it was clear from the beginning that they really intended a different outcome all along.

And now here we sit.

July 10th.

The coronavirus is now spreading…

Lisa Thinks…

I work to understand and explain the world in a very simple way. I have written Mind, Media and Madness, Embrace Life/Embrace Change (by Lisa Snow)

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